The Scandinavian Logic Society


Associate Senior Lecturer in Logic, Gothenburg (Sweden)
Autumn school “Proof and Computation”, Fischbachau (Germany), 15–21 Sep 2024
NOL Seminar with Ivano Ciardelli
NOL Seminar with Ana María Mora-Márquez
SLSS 2024 Call for abstracts
NOL Seminar with Albert Visser
NLS 2024 Call for participation
2024 Lindström Lectures: Phokion G. Kolaitis
NOL Seminar with Lauri Hella
NOL Seminar with Peter Pagin
NOL Seminar with Göran Sundholm
Computability in Europe 2024, July 8–12, 2024, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
NOL Seminar with Sonja Smets
NOL Seminar with Dag Westerståhl
Logic Colloquium 2024, Gothenburg, 24–28 June 2024
NOL Seminar with Thomas Bolander
NOL Seminar with Thomas Ågotnes
European Society for the Philosophy of Mathematics
1st Conference of the European Society for the Philosophy of Mathematics
NOL Seminar with Magdalena Ortiz
The 2023 Lindström Lectures: Rineke Verbrugge
FOMTL 2023: Final call for submissions (deadline extended to Apr 23)
NOL Seminar with Neil Tennant
FOMTL 2023: Call for submissions
NOL Seminar with Ali Enayat
Two Postdoc positions in Logic, Gothenburg (Sweden)
PhD student position in Logic, Gothenburg (Sweden)
NOL Seminar with Sven Ove Hansson
World Logic Day public lecture by John Cantwell (in Swedish)
NOL Seminar with Vann McGee
NOL Seminar with Alexandru Baltag
The 2022 Thoralf Skolem Memorial Lecture
NOL Seminar with Laura Crosilla
Grants for a logic summer school in Brazil
Symposium in honor of the 2022 Rolf Schock prize recipient David Kaplan
Symposium in honor of the 2020 Rolf Schock prize recipients Dag Prawitz and Per Martin-Löf
NOL Seminar with Melvin Fitting
NOL Seminar with Jan van Plato
DTU tenure track assistant/associate professorship in logic-based AI or algorithms and data structures
The new Executive Committee, Auditor, and Substitute Auditor
4th International Autumn School and Workshop on Proof Theory, Utrecht 7–12 November 2022
SLS general meeting at the SLSS in Bergen on Saturday, June 18
One postdoc or PhD position in the Department of Computer Science, Reykjavik University
NOL Seminar with Øystein Linnebo
The Scandinavian Logic Society – Call for nominations
NOL Seminar with Michael Rathjen
The 2022 Lindström Lectures: Prof Sara Negri
30 Years of Finite Model Theory in Finland
Logic4Peace (Fundraising online Logic event for Peace)
SLSS 2022—third call for for abstracts (extended deadline)
Fourth Nordic Logic Summer School (NLS 2022)
NOL Seminar with Juliette Kennedy
NOL Seminar with Thierry Coquand
Senior lecturer in logic, University of Gothenburg
PhD student position in Cyclic Proofs for Modal and Higher-order Logic, University of Amsterdam
NOL Seminar with Johan van Benthem
World Logic Day public lecture by Tor Sandqvist
Eleventh Scandinavian Logic Symposium (SLSS 2022)
SLSS 2022—first call for abstracts
PhD student position in theoretical philosophy, Stockholm University
NOL Seminar with Lars Birkedal
NOL Seminar with Sara L. Uckelman
NOL Seminar with Erich Grädel
NOL Seminar with Anupam Das
PhD position, Uppsala University
NOL Seminar with Dag Normann
PhD position in Logic, University of Gothenburg
NOL Seminar with Wilfrid Hodges
DTU Tenure track assistant/associate professor in discrete mathematics, algorithms or logic-based AI
NOL Seminar with Jouko Väänänen
Logica Universalis Webinar
Logica Universalis Webinar: Tore Fjetland Øgaard
NOL Seminar with Dag Prawitz: Validity of inference and argument
Nordic Online Logic Seminar (NOL Seminar)
World Logic Day public lecture by Sven Ove Hansson: Hur långt räcker det logiska tänkandet?
Third edition of the World Logic Day
Workshop on Logics of Dependence and Independence (LoDE 2020V)
Two PhD positions in Logic, Gothenburg (Sweden)
SLSS 2020: Eleventh Scandinavian Logic Symposium
Nordic Logic Summer School 2020 (NLS 2020)
Call for Nominations: E. W. Beth Outstanding Dissertation Prize 2020
2nd edition of the World Logic Day
13th International Conference on Advances in Modal Logic
Fully funded PhD student position in logic and formal methods, Barcelona (Spain), Deadline: 5 Sep 2019
FoIKS 2020: Eleventh International Symposium on Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems
CiSS 2019 - Circularity in Syntax and Semantics
32nd European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information – ESSLLI 2020
PhD position in theory and applications of dependence logic, Helsinki
Postdoc position in proof systems for modal fixpoint logics, Amsterdam
PhD positions in proof systems for modal fixpoint logics, Amsterdam
KVA workshop on Rational Agency and Logic on November 30
New Executive Committee of the Society
The Tenth Scandinavian Logic Symposium (SLS 2018)
Logic in Stockholm 2017, August 7–25
Third Nordic Logic Summer School (NLS) 2017
SLS Summer School in Logic 2015
9th Scandinavian Logic Symposium
8th Scandinavian Logic Symposium, 20-21 August 2012, Roskilde University, Denmark