The Scandinavian Logic Society

The Scandinavian Logic Society – Call for nominations

Following the statutes of the Scandinavian Logic Society, there will be an election of a new Executive Committee, and to the offices as auditor and substitute auditor.

The bearers of the statutory offices as President, Vice president, Secretary and Treasurer will be elected separately, and in addition 2-6 members at large of the Executive Committee will be elected. A person may be re-elected for a second 4 year period, but not for a third period in the same office.

In accordance with the statutes, an Election Committee has been appointed, this time consisting of Vera Koponen (chair), Juha Kontinen, Dag Normann and Jørgen Villadsen.

Nominations for the four offices, for members at large and for auditor and substitute auditor can be e-mailed to any of the members of the Election Committee within May 18: vera.koponen@math.uu.se, juha.kontinen@helsinki.fi, dnormann@math.uio.no, jovi@dtu.dk.

The Election Committee will then organise an electronic vote by the members of the Society.