The Scandinavian Logic Society

The Nordic Online Logic Seminar

The Nordic Online Logic Seminar (NOL Seminar) is organised monthly over Zoom, with expository talks on topics of interest for the broader logic community. The seminar is open for professional or aspiring logicians and logic aficionados worldwide. If you wish to receive the Zoom ID and password for it, as well as further announcements, please subscribe here:



Albert Visser: Restricted Sequential Theories
Lauri Hella: Game characterizations for the number of quantifiers
Peter Pagin: Switcher Semantics and quantification
Göran Sundholm: Curry-Howard—a meaning explanation or just another realizability interpretation?
Sonja Smets: Reasoning about Epistemic Superiority and Data Exchange
Dag Westerståhl: From consequence to meaning—the case of intuitionistic propositional logic (IPL)
Thomas Bolander: Epistemic Planning—Logical formalism, computational complexity, and robotic implementations
Thomas Ågotnes: Somebody Knows and Weak Conjunctive Closure in Modal Logic
Magdalena Ortiz: A Short Introduction to SHACL for Logicians
Neil Tennant: It's All or Nothing—Explosion v. Implosion
Ali Enayat: Arithmetic and set theory through the lens of interpretability
Sven Ove Hansson: How to combine probabilities and full beliefs in a formal system
Vann McGee: Boolean Degrees of Truth and Classical Rules of Inference
Alexandru Baltag: From Surprise Exams to Topological Mu-Calculus
Laura Crosilla: On Weyl's predicative concept of set
Melvin Fitting: Strict/Tolerant Logic and Strict/Tolerant Logics
Jan van Plato: Gödel's work in logic and foundations in the light of his shorthand notebooks
Øystein Linnebo: Potentialism in the philosophy and foundations of mathematics
Michael Rathjen: Completeness—Turing, Schütte, Feferman (and Löb)
Juliette Kennedy: Reading syntax off semantics
Thierry Coquand: Formalization of Mathematics and Dependent Type Theory
Johan van Benthem: Interleaving Logic and Counting
Lars Birkedal: Iris—A Higher-Order Concurrent Separation Logic Framework
Sara L. Uckelman: John Eliot’s Logick Primer—A bilingual English-Wôpanâaak logic textbook
Erich Grädel: Semiring semantics for logical statements with applications to the strategy analysis of games
Anupam Das: On the proof theoretic strength of cyclic reasoning
Dag Normann: An alternative perspective on Reverse Mathematics
Wilfrid Hodges: How the teenage Avicenna planned out several new logics
Jouko Väänänen: Dependence logic—some recent developments
Dag Prawitz: Validity of inference and argument