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NOL Seminar with Peter Pagin

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Date: Monday, 29 January 2024 at 16:00 CET (UTC+1) on Zoom
Speaker: Peter Pagin, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Philosophy at Stockholm University
Title: Switcher Semantics and quantification
Switcher Semantics is a semantic framework that is basically characterised by allowing switching: when recursively applying a semantic function μ to a complex term t, the semantic function applying to an immediate subterm t’ of t may be a function μ’, distinct from μ. An operator-argument-position pair is called a switcher if it induces such a switch. Switcher semantic systems do not satisfy the standard form of compositionality, but a generalized form, which allows greater flexibility. In earlier work (mostly published), some together with Kathrin Glüer, some with Dag Westerståhl, it has been applied to natural language constructions like proper names in modal contexts, general terms in modal contexts, indexicals in temporal contexts, quotation, and belief contexts. This talk will focus on quantifiers and quantification. First-order quantifiers can be regarded as switchers, switching from truth conditions to satisfaction conditions. The larger topic is quantification into switched contexts. I shall begin by giving an introduction to the framework.