The Scandinavian Logic Society


DTU tenure track assistant/associate professorship in logic-based AI or algorithms and data structures
One postdoc or PhD position in the Department of Computer Science, Reykjavik University
PhD student position in Cyclic Proofs for Modal and Higher-order Logic, University of Amsterdam
Senior lecturer in logic, University of Gothenburg
PhD student position in theoretical philosophy, Stockholm University
PhD position, Uppsala University
PhD position in Logic, University of Gothenburg
DTU Tenure track assistant/associate professor in discrete mathematics, algorithms or logic-based AI
Two PhD positions in Logic, Gothenburg (Sweden)
Fully funded PhD student position in logic and formal methods, Barcelona (Spain), Deadline: 5 Sep 2019
Postdoc position in proof systems for modal fixpoint logics, Amsterdam
PhD position in theory and applications of dependence logic, Helsinki
PhD positions in proof systems for modal fixpoint logics, Amsterdam