The Scandinavian Logic Society

PhD position, Uppsala University

Ph.D. position at Uppsala University, Department of Mathematics, supported by WASP (Wallenberg AI Autonomous Systems and Software Program), to work on the project “Scalable inference in Statistical Relational AI: a model theoretic approach on a domain of markets and media”.

The project addresses problems related to scalability (computational efficiency) within Statistical Relational Artifical Intelligence (SRAI), a branch of AI. In particular it addresses the problem of making probabilistic inferences about domains of large size, by means of so-called Probabilistic Graphical Models, in a computationally efficient way; an issue of importance in practical applications. The general methodology of SRAI is a combination of probability theory and logic, where the later is used to describe properties and relations between objects and to express events, or random variables, on a space of possible scenarios. The methodology of this project falls mainly within the field of finite model theory, but also involves other fields. A particular subject of investigation is the phenomenon of convergence in probability of events defined by formulas of some formal logic as the size of the domain tends to infinity.

Applicants are expected to hold a Master’s degree in mathematics, computer science, philosophy or some other relevant subject by the time of the start date. An ideal candidate should have a strong background in mathematical logic, and a keen interest in interdisciplinary research and computer programming.

The closing date for applying is 15 October 2021. Apply by following this link:


For more information contact Vera Koponen (vera.koponen@math.uu.se).