The Scandinavian Logic Society

SLS general meeting at the SLSS in Bergen on Saturday, June 18

Dear SLS members,

An annual general meeting of the SLS will take place at the forthcoming SLS Symposium in Bergen, on Saturday, June 18, during 15.45-16.45 CEST.

It will also include the voting for the election of a new SLS Executive committee and auditors.

The meeting will be hybrid: in person for those present, and on Zoom for the others. The Zoom ID and password for the meeting will be sent to all SLS members by email.

The agenda for the meeting:

  1. Opening and confirmation of the agenda.

  2. Short report of the SLS Executive committee on the activities of SLS during the past mandate, to be delivered by the SLS president.

  3. Questions and discussion on the report.

  4. Other matters arising, if any.

  5. Election, by hybrid voting, of the new SLS Executive committee and auditors, organized and conducted by the SLS election committee.

  6. Closure

SLS Executive committee