The Scandinavian Logic Society

Eleventh Scandinavian Logic Symposium (SLSS 2022)

The eleventh Scandinavian Logic Symposium (SLSS 2022) will be held at the University of Bergen, Norway, during 17-19 June, 2022, under the auspices of the Scandinavian Logic Society. The previous three meetings of the SLSS were held in Gothenburg in Sweden (2018), Tampere in Finland (2014) and Roskilde in Denmark (2012).

The primary aim of the Symposium is to promote research in the field of logic (broadly conceived) carried out in research communities in Scandinavia. Moreover, it warmly invites the participation of logicians from all over the world. The meeting will include invited lectures and a forum for participants to present contributed talks.

SLSS 2022 is being planned as a physical-attendance event. Still, we keep monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic situation, to make adjustments if they are needed.

See also the call for abstracts.

*** Invited speakers

To be announced

*** Programme committee

Co-chairs: Åsa Hirvonen (Helsinki) and Fernando Velázquez-Quesada (Bergen)

Thierry Coquand (Gothenburg)
Nina Gierasimczuk (DTU)
Lauri Hella (Tampere)
Lars Kristiansen (Oslo)
Asger Törnquist (Copenhagen)
Michal Walicki (Bergen)
Fan Yang (Helsinki)
Thomas Ågotnes (Bergen)

*** Organising committee

Rustam Galimullin
Truls Pedersen
Mina Young Pedersen
Marija Slavkovik
Fernando Velázquez-Quesada
Thomas Ågotnes

*** Location

SLSS 2022 will take place at the University of Bergen, located in the center of Bergen in Norway.

SLSS 2022 is collocated with the Nordic Logic Summer School, which takes place on 13-16 June, 2022.

*** Registration


*** Contact

All questions regarding the symposium should be emailed to slss (at) uib.no.