The Scandinavian Logic Society

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Third edition of the World Logic Day
World Logic Day public lecture by Sven Ove Hansson: Hur långt räcker det logiska tänkandet?
13th International Conference on Advances in Modal Logic
Workshop on Logics of Dependence and Independence (LoDE 2020V)
32nd European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information – ESSLLI 2020
SLSS 2020: Eleventh Scandinavian Logic Symposium
Nordic Logic Summer School 2020 (NLS 2020)
FoIKS 2020: Eleventh International Symposium on Foundations of Information and Knowledge Systems
2nd edition of the World Logic Day
CiSS 2019 - Circularity in Syntax and Semantics
KVA workshop on Rational Agency and Logic on November 30
The Tenth Scandinavian Logic Symposium (SLS 2018)
Third Nordic Logic Summer School (NLS) 2017
Logic in Stockholm 2017, August 7–25
SLS Summer School in Logic 2015
9th Scandinavian Logic Symposium
8th Scandinavian Logic Symposium, 20-21 August 2012, Roskilde University, Denmark