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The Tenth Scandinavian Logic Symposium (SLS 2018)

The Tenth Scandinavian Logic Symposium (SLS 2018) will be held at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden during June 11-13, 2018, under the auspices of the Scandinavian Logic Society. The previous two meetings of the SLS were held in Tampere, Finland (2014) and Roskilde, Denmark (2012).

Workshop on Proof Theory and its Applications Ghent, 6-7 Sep 2018

The 1st Workshop on Proof Theory and its Applications, organised under the auspices of The Proof Society, will bring together researchers on proof theory and its applications. The aim of the meeting is to reflect on the mission of The Proof Society, through a series of invited and contributed talks, as well as a panel discussion.

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Summer School on Proof Theory, Ghent, 2-5 Sep 2018

The 1st International Summer School for Proof Theory in Ghent is arranged under the auspices of The Proof Society, and is sponsored by the Kurt Gödel Society.

Universitetslektor i teoretisk filosofi med inriktning mot logik

Innehavaren ska bedriva forskning och undervisning inom teoretisk filosofi med särskild inriktning mot logik. Undervisning kan förekomma på olika nivåer och inom olika delar av logiken. Den som anställs ska aktivt verka för att bidra till extern finansiering av forskning vid institutionen. I arbetsuppgifterna kan också administrativa arbetsuppgifter ingå. Anställning som lektor innebär rättighet att senare söka befordran till professor.

Postdoctoral Researcher in Logic (Gothenburg)

Postdoctoral Researcher in Logic
Employment level: Time limited employment (temporary)
Location: Dept of Philosophy, Linguistics & Theory of Sci. University of Gothenburg
Apply by: 2018-05-31

Logic in Stockholm 2017, August 7-25
There will be a series of logic-related events in Stockholm in August 2017.

August 7–11
The Third Nordic Logic Summer School, NLS 2017

August 14–20
The 2017 ASL European Summer Meeting (Logic Colloquium), LC 2017

August 20–24
The 26th EACSL Annual Conference on Computer Science Logic, CSL 2017

August 16–19 and 25
CSL 2017 affiliated workshops:

Third Nordic Logic Summer School (NLS) 2017

Stockholm, August 7 - 11, 2017

The third Nordic Logic Summer School is arranged under the auspices of the Scandinavian Logic Society ( The two previous schools were organized in Nordfjordeid, Norway (2013) and Helsinki (2015). The intended audience is advanced master students, PhD-students, postdocs and experienced researchers wishing to learn the state of the art in a particular subject. The school is co-located with Logic Colloquium 2017 (14-20 August) and Computer Science Logic 2017 (21-24 August).

the scandinavian logic society

Our aim at present is to develop this website for the purpose of sharing information on all matters related to logic in the Scandinavian countries.
We wish the Society to construe the concept of logic as broadly as possible, including the fields computer science, philosophy, mathematics and linguistics.

 Photo of Mount Akka / Àhkka massif seen from the high plateau Maukojaureh north-east of it by Tobias Radeskog / CC BY 3.0.