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Scandinavian Logic Symposium 2018

Similar to the previous Symposia, the scope of the 10th meeting of the Scandinavian Logic Symposium is broad, and covers Mathematical, Computational, and Philosophical Logic. The major topics include (but are not limited to) the areas of Proof Theory, Constructivism, Model Theory, Set Theory, Computability Theory, Algebra and Logic, Categorical Logic, Logic and Computer Science, Logic and Linguistics, Logic in AI and Multi-Agent Systems, Logics of Games, Modal and other non-classical Logics, Axiomatic Theories of Truth, and Philosophical Logic.

This page will be updated with more information when available.

 Photo of Mount Akka / Àhkka massif seen from the high plateau Maukojaureh north-east of it by Tobias Radeskog / CC BY 3.0.