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Doctoral Research Fellowship in Philosophy, Oslo

Doctoral Research Fellowship in Philosophy, Oslo
Deadline: Sunday 23 September 2018

A Doctoral Research Fellowship (SKO 1017) in Philosophy is available at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo.

The successful applicant should have an interest in philosophical logic broadly construed, including formally minded research in areas of theoretical philosophy such as metaphysics, the philosophy of language, epistemology, and the philosophy of mathematics and logic, as well as purely logical research in areas relevant for philosophy such as modal logic, higher-order logic and non-classical logic. The main supervisor of the PhD fellow will be Peter Fritz.

For more information, see or contact Peter Fritz at

 Photo of Mount Akka / Àhkka massif seen from the high plateau Maukojaureh north-east of it by Tobias Radeskog / CC BY 3.0.