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The Emergence of Structuralism and Formalism, June 24.- 26. 2016 Prague, Czech Republic

Keynote Speakers:
S. Shapiro
M. Detlefsen
M. Resnik
L. Horsten

The conference will focus on how the nature of mathematics is regarded by representatives of formalism and structuralism. On the one hand, these two currents have much in common (they both agree that mathematics is not intuitive). On the other hand, they differ precisely in how they approach the problem whether mathematics does or does not have subject matter. Formalists reduce mathematics to mere manipulation with signs, thereby giving rise to the appearance that on their view mathematics cannot have any subject matter, while many structuralists admit objective grounding of mathematics and thereby return to the traditional theoretical conception of science.

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 Photo of Mount Akka / Àhkka massif seen from the high plateau Maukojaureh north-east of it by Tobias Radeskog / CC BY 3.0.