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Philosophy and Computation, International Workshop

Philosophy and Computation, International Workshop, May 12-13th, 2012,
Department of Philosophy and Cognitive Sciences, Lund University, Sweden.

The workshop "Philosophy and Computation" aims to be a platform for various discussions concerning the use of computability in philosophy (for example, how computational complexity constraints can contribute to explain human understanding) and also questions concerning the philosophical investigation of computation (like questions related to Church-Turing thesis).

The workshop is an official event of the celebration of Turing’s Centenary. More information about the celebrations can be found at the following website:

The main objective of the workshop is to gather international specialists, philosophers, cognitive scientists and computer scientists, who will be given an opportunity to present their research and time to discuss important topics related to philosophy and computation. In addition, there are four slots for contributed papers. People who would like to participate in the workshop are invited to send us an abstract of a proposed talk (details below). The selected contributors will have their travel and accommodation costs covered by the organizers.

Themes for contributed papers include (but are not limited to):
- Church-Turing thesis
- Philosophical insight into the concept of algorithm
- Computational complexity used in philosophy
- Computational constraints on human understanding
- Problems of notations or encodings used in computing
- Nature of physical computation
- Computational theories of mind

Keynote speakers:
Patrick Blackburn (Roskilde)
Walter Dean (Warwick)
Leon Horsten (Bristol)
Marcin Mostowski (Warsaw)
Gualtiero Piccinini (Missouri)
Oron Shagrir (Jerusalem)
Mark Sprevak (Edinburgh)
Raymond Turner (Essex)
Konrad Zdanowski (Warsaw)

Paula Quinon (Lund)

Please send an extended abstract (1000 to 1500 words) prepared for blind review on or before February 27th, 2012 to Expect decisions within three weeks.

Review criteria: Originality, quality, relatedness to current issues (7 point scales, equal weights).

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