the scandinavian logic society

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List of members

Rineke Verbrugge | University of Groningen
modal logics (epistemic, provability); logic and cognition
Robert Rothenberg | University of St Andrews, Scotland
Proof Theory, Type Theory
Robin Cooper | University of Gothenburg
logic for natural language
Robin Kaarsgaard | University of Copenhagen
logic in computer science, type theory, proof theory
Roger Antonsen | Department of Informatics, University of Oslo
sequent calculi, analytic tableaux, automated reasoning, modal logic
Roman Kossak | City University of New York
Model Theory, Nonstandard Models of Arithmetic
Roussanka Loukanova | unemployed
Logic and Linguistics, Logic and Computer Science
Roy Dyckhoff | University of St Andrews
proof theory, type theory, semantics of natural language, intuitionistic logic, modal logic, multi-agent logic
Ryan Burgess | The University of Chicago
Ryan Burgess | The University of Chicago


Philosophical and Mathematical Logic, Model Theory, Proof " ", Computation " ", Category " ", Information " ", Metamathematics
Saeed Salehi | University of Tabriz, Iran
Mathematical Logic (Godel Theorems and Arithmetics) and Theoretical Computer Science (Forma Tree Automata and Languages))
Sampo Haavasoja
Finite Model Theory, Turing Machines, Paradoxes, Restrained philosophical interpretations
Sanderson Molick Silva | Undergrad Student - Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte/Brazil
Proof theory, non-classical logics and game theory
Sara Negri | University of Helsinki
Proof theory, non-classical logics, formal epistemology, constructive foundations
Satyendr Singh | BML Munjal University, Gurgaon, India
Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, Logic in Computer Science
Sebastian Enqvist | Lund University
modal logic, non-classical logics, categorical logic, constructive mathematics, foundations of mathematics, universal logic
Semiha Akinci | Anadolu University-Eskisehir-Turkey
Logic, Philosophy of Language
Sergii Tropanets | Odessa National University
Proof theory, Modal logics, Truth theories, Formal philosophy
Sine Zambach | Roskilde University
Knowledge representation, applied logics
Staffan Angere | University of Bristol
Philosophical logic, metaphysics, philosophy of mathematics, philosophy of physics
Stefán Jökulsson | Archives Henri Poincaré, Université de Lorraine
Philosophy of logic, philosophical logic, metaphilosophy, epistemology and philosophy of language
Sten Lindström | Department of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies, Umeå University
Philosophical logic, Philosophy of mathematics
Stig Andur Pedersen | Roskilde University
Foundations of Mathematics, Philosophy of Science
Sumanta Sarathi Sharma | Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Katra, J&K, India
Syllogistic Logic, Diagrammatic Reasoning
Sven Ove Hansson | Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Belief revision, formal epistemology, preference logic, deontic logic, logic of probability, philosophy of logic
Syeda Fatima | Loughborough University
Artificial Intelligence, Multiagent systems
Tero Tulenheimo | Department of Philosophy, University of Lille 3, France
philosophy of logic, expressivity, decidability, modal logic, extensions of first-order logic, logic & games, model theory
Thomas Ågotnes | University of Bergen
Modal logic, in particular multi-agent logics, game logic, action logic, epistemic logic, deontic logic...
Thomas Bolander | Technical University of Denmark
Modal logics, hybrid logics, epistemic logics, logic-based AI
Toby Meadows | University of Aberdeen
Set theory, philosophy of mathematics
Tomoyuki Suzuki | University of Leicester
mathematical logic
Torben Braüner | Roskilde University
Non-classical logics, mainly modal and hybrid logics. Application of logic in CS, AI, and philosophy.
Torbjörn Lager
Tudor Jebelean | Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria
automatic reasoning
Tuomo Lempiäinen | Aalto University
Ulrich Kohlenbach | Department of Mathematics, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Proof Theory with Applications to Nonlinear Analysis and Ergodic Theory
Ulrik Buchholtz | Stanford University
proof theory,constructive mathematics,type theory
Umang Mathur | University Of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Formal methods
Vadim Kulikov | Kurt Gödel Research Center
descriptive set theory, knot theory, forcing, definability, games, model theory, recreational mathematics,
Valentin Goranko | Technical University of Denmark
mathematical, philosophical, and applied logic; mainly: logic in CS, AI and multi-agent systems
Valeria C. V. de Paiva | Rearden Commerce
Linear Logic, Intuitionisitic Logic, Constructive modal Logics, Hybrid Logics
Valeria C V de Paiva | Nuance Communications
proof theory, categorical logic, semantics of languages
Valeria de Paiva | Rearden Commerce
Vera Koponen | Department of Mathematics, Uppsala University
logic, model theory, combinatorics
Viggo Stoltenberg-Hansen | Uppsala University
Mathematical logic
Vladik Kreinovich | University of Texas at El Paso
constructive logic
William F Fearon | Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Logic Theorems of Uncertainty
Yì Nicholas Wáng | Bergen University College
Dynamic Epistemic Logic, Logic for Multiagent systems, Modal Logic
Yoshihiro Maruyama | University of Oxford
Categorical Logic, Philosophical Logic
Zhaohui Luo | RHUL, UK
Type theory, proof assistants, system verification, linguistic semantics
Zhiguang Zhao | Institute for Logic, Language and Computation
Modal Logic, Model theory


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