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Job Announcements

Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship in philosophical logic (Oslo)

The position is funded by the European Research Council and is affiliated with the research project Plurals, Predicates, and Paradox: Towards a Type-Free Account, which is headed by Professor Øystein Linnebo and will be based at the Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo as of August or September 2012.

The research project is concerned with philosophical logic and the philosophy of mathematics, particularly with higher-order logic, the logical paradoxes, modality and the foundation of set theory. More information is available here.

2 years postdoc position in Mathematical Logic

2 years postdoc position in Mathematical Logic at Stockholm University, Department of Mathematics.

The research in mathematical logic at the department include such subjects as constructive mathematics, point-free topology and locale theory, semantics and proof theory of type theory and constructive set theory, category-theoretic logic, topos theory and constructive aspects of mathematical logic.

The department is now looking for a postdoc interested to work in the areas of the logic group and related subjects.

Position as full professor of logic in Göteborg

PhD-student position in Mathematical Logic, Stockholm

The Department of Mathematics at Stockholm University announces a PhD-student
position in mathematical logic. A prospective student will have the opportunity to
engage in exciting research related to constructive and category-theoretic foundations of mathematics.
Possible subjects include for instance: type theory, categorical logic and constructive mathematics and its algorithmic content.


 Photo of Mount Akka / Àhkka massif seen from the high plateau Maukojaureh north-east of it by Tobias Radeskog / CC BY 3.0.