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Job Announcements

2 years postdoc position in Mathematical Logic

2 years postdoc position in Mathematical Logic at Stockholm University, Department of Mathematics.

The research in mathematical logic at the department include such subjects as constructive mathematics, point-free topology and locale theory, semantics and proof theory of type theory and constructive set theory, category-theoretic logic, topos theory and constructive aspects of mathematical logic.

The department is now looking for a postdoc interested to work in the areas of the logic group and related subjects.

Position as full professor of logic in Göteborg

PhD-student position in Mathematical Logic, Stockholm

The Department of Mathematics at Stockholm University announces a PhD-student
position in mathematical logic. A prospective student will have the opportunity to
engage in exciting research related to constructive and category-theoretic foundations of mathematics.
Possible subjects include for instance: type theory, categorical logic and constructive mathematics and its algorithmic content.


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